About Us

We are an authorized QuietCool dealer and carry a variety of top-quality units, which are whisper quiet, highly efficient, and carry an industry leading warranty.  


If you don’t have enough attic venting to support your ideal fan size, Dan will tell you—BEFORE he does the install. He won’t lie in order to get your business. Dan’s pricing is flat rate, all inclusive, out the door. No hidden charges. No change orders in the middle of the job. He also won't pressure you into buying by using high pressure sales tactics. You'll be sure to have all your questions answered before you buy.


Dan builds his business by doing quality work. He doesn’t cut corners. When choosing supplies and components, he selects the best. It takes a him little longer and costs him and little more, but you end up with a superior product and workmanship. He also doesn't cut corners on the installation of the fan to save time. Each install is done with the highest amount of care and concern for your family and your house.


Dan has been in more than 1250 attics over the last 15+ years. He has also installed hundreds of roof and gable vents, and garage and attic fans. There is almost nothing in the business Dan has not seen. You can be sure he is well equipped to handle whatever unique challenges your situation may bring.